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Let’s Do it Differently

Let’s make it easy, not hard for workers to go live their lives among Unreached people groups. Let’s reward those who are willing to be a “point person” in establishing God’s Kingdom where it has yet to be established. Together, let’s raise millions of dollars to help support workers dedicated to finishing the Great Commission among the Unreached.

For years missionaries have had to make financial sacrifices to be involved with world evangelism.  What if those of us living in relative ease gave to such an extent, that those spreading the Gospel could thrive financially while being a “point person” reaching the Unreached?

What about a new kind of missions funding for missionaries who are dedicated to finishing the task of world evangelization among Unreached people groups.  What if missionaries who take the Gospel to Unreached people groups and live their lives in a godly manner among the Unreached were paid as well as we pay our pastors?  It sounds a little extreme, but what about rewarding those who are willing to take the Gospel and live their lives among the Unreached, in order to see God’s Kingdom come, where it has yet to be established.

What if we give to the dedicated, who are sacrificing and risking to live among Unreached people groups.  Those of us at home should be involved in making sure those on the “front lines” of reaching Unreached people groups are well compensated.  Instead of missionaries having to be concerned about making ends meet, wouldn’t it be great to have those working among Unreached people groups be able to focus on the mission at hand?

One great thing from a support/investment standpoint, is that most of those working among Unreached people groups are able to do so for far less than the majority of us could.  Those who are “culturally close” to the Unreached living in the “10/40 Window,” can go and live among the Unreached relatively inexpensively.  Donations given to Reach The Unreached will be money well spent in establishing God’s Kingdom among the Unreached people groups of the world.

About Reach The Unreached
Reach The Unreached endeavors to help Christians do their part in Reaching the Unreached.

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