Reach The Unreached


Joshua Project

Joshua Project, a ministry of the U.S. Center for World Mission is an incredible resource for understanding the task remaining as it relates to Unreached people groups.  Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the least followers of Christ.

Joshua Project seeks to answer the questions that result from the Great Commission’s call to make disciples among every nation or people group:

  • Who are the ethnic people groups of the world?
  • Which people groups still need an initial church-planting movement in their midst?
  • What ministry resources are available to help outreach among the least-reached?

In doing so, they have gathered in depth statistics on the over 6,500 people groups that are Unreached/least-reached, based on the criteria of less than 2% Evangelical and less than 5% Christian adherents.

They have great graphics and tools to be able to locate where in the world the different Unreached people groups are located.  One of the coolest tools they have is “Unreached in Google Earth.”  You can zoom in around the world and see where the Unreached are located and get specifics on each of the different groups.

They also have a graphic on their start page called “Find Unreached People,” where you can drag your curser across a map of the world and as you do so, the “Unreached people group status” of each country pops up.

The Joshua Project is one comprehensive website.  Spend some time looking it over and get an idea of what’s left to do as it relates to finishing the task of going and making disciples of all the nations/peoples.

Urbana Alumni

Urbana – InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s triennial student mission convention held at the University of Illinois at Champaign has had some 225,000 attendees since its first get together in 1946.

If you are an alum of Urbana, you’ve been challenged to participate in the Great Commission. After attending Urbana, whether it was the last one in December or one of the conventions earlier on, you’ve no doubt thought “how can I be involved, how can I make a difference in reaching the Unreached people of the world?”

Reach The Unreached would like to help you to have a part in reaching the remaining Unreached people groups in the world.  We would like to help you be an integral part in fulfilling the Great Commission

If you’re like those of us who are involved with Reach The Unreached, you’ve had a desire to get your gifts invested with those who are “in the field,” actually doing the work of reaching the people groups still lacking a viable body of Christian believers.

There are some 16,000 people groups in the world today, and of those, over 6,000 are still Unreached.  They don’t have an indigenous community of believing Christians able to evangelize their own, resulting in the establishment of a significant witness among their culture.  This is a gaping hole in the fulfillment of the Great Commission!

We can help you get your donations into the hands of those who have made the commitment to live among the Unreached, endeavoring to establish God’s Kingdom.  We’ve made it easy for Urbana alumni to invest in the Kingdom, as it relates to supporting those who are on the “frontlines” living among the Unreached people groups.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Thousands of Christians have taken the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Study Program.  After going through Perspectives, thousands of Christians have been faced with, and are now still faced with, “how can I” and “how should I” be involved in the World Christian Movement.  “How can I make a difference in reaching the Unreached people of the world?” Reach the Unreached would like to work with the Alumni of the Perspective Study Program.

After understanding God’s work throughout history to bring His Kingdom to those where it has yet to be established, the participants of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement need to be involved.

For those of us who aren’t called to go as missionaries, we must be involved in supporting the work of establishing indigenous communities of believing Christians, who are then able to evangelize their people, resulting in the establishment of God’s Kingdom among all the nations/ethnos.

Nobody understands better than those who have taken the Perspectives Study Program, the desire God has to introduce to every people group what Jesus has done for them.

Now is the time to get involved by supporting those willing to live their lives among the Unreached.  Your donations to Reach the Unreached will go directly to support these missionaries and to projects that will enhance their effectiveness.

We can get your gifts into the hands of those frontline workers involved in establishing God’s Kingdom where it has yet to be established.