Reach The Unreached



Take Action.  Do Something Now.

  • You have the opportunity to help finish the task of reaching the Unreached.
  • You can take part in fulfilling the Lord’s Prayer of seeing God’s Kingdom come by giving to those working among the Unreached.
  • By giving you allow those working among the Unreached the ability to focus on introducing a relevant and accurate Gospel without being distracted by money matters.
  • Your support allows more workers to go and allows those that are already working among the Unreached to be effective.  Your investment enables more door opening projects to be done among the Unreached.
  • Invest in bringing God’s Kingdom to the Unreached!


Our promise – to get the money you invest, into the hands of those working among the Unreached, for personal support and for projects that will open doors to the Gospel.

Have a part in making an impact among the Unreached now.

  • Do Your Part: What can you give?  Your Monthly, Weekly or One-time donation will be sent directly to those working to reach the Unreached.
  • Any and all amounts are appreciated and will make a difference in establishing God’s Kingdom where is has yet to be established!
  • Additionally, we are wanting to establish a group consisting of 1,000 people, who will give at least $83.35 each month ($2.74 per day) – resulting in over $1,000,000 a year going to those working among the Unreached.  Would you consider being part of this group?

Please invest to Reach the Unreached.