Reach The Unreached


Ravi in Andhra Pradesh

In his college days, Ravi was a self-proclaimed atheist and communist.  He was the leader of a political student group at his college, and was severely injured by an opposing political group during a demonstration.  While in the hospital one of his attending nurses shared the Gospel with him, but he rejected her every word.  For four days the nurse prayed and persevered, and on the fourth day Ravi understood his situation with God and decided to follow Christ.

After a time Ravi knew God had called him to ministry. However, Ravi was now married, and his wife was not convinced. She knew a life of ministry would not be easy. So Ravi fasted and prayed for fifteen days, asking God to change his wife’s heart. God answered and together they decided they would follow God, no matter the consequences.

Over the next several years, Ravi and his wife planted two churches and during that time had two sons. Times were difficult however, and one of their sons developed a life-threatening sickness. Unable to afford medicine, Ravi and his wife watched as their first-born son went to be with the Lord. The following year their younger son fell down a well in the village. Again, unable to pay for the medical attention necessary to save him, he too died.

Wracked with grief, Ravi and his wife clung to God even more closely and pressed in to the work God had called them to. The two churches they had planted continued to grow. Ravi was introduced to the director of an established ministry that equipped nationals to plant churches and reach nationals for Jesus Christ. Ravi was invited to join this church planting network. As part of the network, Ravi received theological training, resources and coaching to help him in his calling. He began receiving a monthly stipend to lighten the burden of providing for his family.

Today, Pastor Ravi oversees the entire network of church planters in the state of Andhra Pradesh. God has blessed Ravi and his wife with two beautiful daughters, and together they continue to plant churches and proclaim the Gospel in India.