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Compensation for an Ambassador of Christ

Our desire is to help Christians who want to give to those working among the Unreached.

Our job at Reach The Unreached is to help Christians who aren’t working among the Unreached, have a part in establishing God’s Kingdom among the Unreached.

Our promise is to get your support into the hands of those doing the work.

Don’t you think those working on the “front lines” of establishing God’s Kingdom should be appropriately compensated? So often, those who are working hard to establish a “beach head” and beyond, are barely able to make ends meet. As ambassadors of Christ, shouldn’t they be compensated as such?

Reach The Unreached has an ever growing list of these missionaries to the Unreached that need support.

Because of security issues with those who are working among Unreached people groups that live in the “10/40 Window,” names can not be made public. The often used “adopt-a-missionary” can’t be implemented. By creating our list of needy workers from profiles given to us by the field directors of mission agencies, we can monitor the effectiveness of the workers through reports from the workers themselves, as well as from the field directors.

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Reach The Unreached endeavors to help Christians do their part in Reaching the Unreached.

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