Reach The Unreached


Do Your Part – A Latte A Day

We are currently sending monthly support to missionaries working among the Unreached.

We have a list of workers who are working to reach the Unreached.  These workers are currently living on very little and need additional support to continue their ministry of living among the Unreached and exposing the Unreached to the Good News of the Gospel.

Generous donations are needed.  Would you consider giving the equivalent of a-latte-a-day to Reach The Unreached?  Your investment in establishing God’s Kingdom where it has yet to be established would go directly into the hands of those working to do just that!

$2.75 per day would go a long way to help support those willing to go and live among the Unreached.  Can you imagine being part of an initial group of 1,000  “World Christians” giving a-latte-a-day for the purpose of reaching the remaining Unreached people groups?

That’s $1,000,000 each year invested in establishing God’s Kingdom among the Unreached.